The passion and care for jewelry of DIEFFEORO are handed down through generations.

The first laboratory owned by the Dalla Stella family was born in the 50s in the city of Andrea Palladio, Vicenza.


The Made in Italy and the know-how of our skilled artisans are the essence of our company, in order to guarantee a high quality product


DIEFFEORO was born in 1988 in Vicenza, even though the first laboratory owned by the family was born in the 50s.

The company was able to adapt to the market trends, ranging from gold jewelry to the actual one of silver.

DIEFFEORO cares about cultivating relationships and keeping in touch with its clients, by participating in national as well as international exhibitions.

Nowadays DIEFFEORO plays a role of subcontractor for many Italian and international jewelry excellencies.

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The main manufacturing are: microfusion, solid wire

The metals used are: gold, silver, bronze

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